10 Things You Need To Know About Healthcare RPO Partnerships

Healthcare RPO Partnerships could be just the thing you need for your healthcare business, so let us take a look at 10 things you need to know about recruitment processing outsourcing.

#1 The Need for Healthcare Workers is Rising

According to recent research the global demand for health workers is set to rise to 80 million by 2030 but the supply of health workers is predicted to be around 65 million for the same period of time – resulting in a shortfall of 15 million workers. One great way to overcome these staffing challenges is to invest in strategic rpo partnerships.  These can help you to not only find and recruit the best talent within your industry, but also retain it as well.

#2 An RPO Partnership Can Help You Reduce Costs

It has been found that investing in an RPO partnership can actually reduce your recruitment costs by 30% through:

  • A decrease in agency spend
  • Faster and more efficient sourcing of candidates
  • Lower turnover
  • Overall improvement in efficiency
  • Reduction in time taken to fill roles

If you think about it, the nature of a partnership means that it is in both parties interests to improve the overall quality of the people they are hiring while reducing the overall cost of hiring them – and this is simply not true for one-off occasional hires.

#3 RPO Partnerships Are Focused on Quality

Some people mistakenly think that an RPO Partnership is transactional only and not focused on quality of candidates at all, but this is a mistake. Most RPO partners will provide their clients with reports based on metrics such as quality of hire, candidate satisfaction and satisfaction of the hiring manager as well. This means that quality is the focus of the service they are providing.

#4 RPO Partnerships are very Transparent

One reason that some firms are hesitant about exploring RPO talent partnerships is that they feel that they will lose control over the hiring process, as well as transparency because the partner agency is not at the same location as they are. This is not the case at all. While your RPO partner is driving the talent acquisition process on your behalf using fact-based decision making, you still ultimately have the final decision on the hires.

#5 RPO Partnerships Don’t Have to be End-to-End

A great RPO partnership starts with a thorough understanding by the recruitment agency of what it is that you are looking for. This will involve a thorough evaluation of your current situation, what it is you need, and what solutions you need to meet your orgnaisations needs. It could be that you just need to amalgamate some of your existing process, or you may need to build a recruitment solution from scratch.

#6 RPO Providers are Proactive

The main strategic activity associated with human capital management is identifying the gaps between the demand for talent, and the supply of talent which is a forward planning activity. RPO partners have to work hard at building communities and pipelines for the talent required to make sure they are well prepared in advance for any hiring need – taking the pressure off.

#7 An RPO Partnership Will Not Dilute Your Company Culture

A great RPO agency will immerse themselves in your company’s culture, getting to know their mission, value and brand before they start setting up the talent pipeline. They become the stewards of your company’s brand and can share it with talent.

#8 Candidate and New Hire Experience are Very Important

Dedicated recruitment teams at the RPO agency will act as a central point of contact for all candidates making sure that they are well communicated with at all times between the actual offer letter and their first day of work. This is really important for many candidates, and can make all the difference in their happiness and satisfaction when they finally start the job.

#9 RPO’s work well for Healthcare clients

In the past healthcare organisations have worked with agencies to fill any clinical roles that they had, but working with an RPO instead means they can reduce costs while improving effectiveness and efficiency. This means that they can bring costs down without sacrificing results. As we have outlined above, the need for great healthcare talent vastly outnumbers the supply, and RPOs are in the perfect position to find the highly skilled nurses, physicians and therapists that you need.

#10 RPOs are Great at Fixing Recruitment Challenges (with your help)

You can’t expect to pass all of your recruitment challenges over to your RPO for them to magically fix. However, they can fix them with your help – it is all about working together. They can help you to identify problem areas, and work together to change the internal processes backed by their expertise, resources and technology.

As you can see recruitment process outsourcing can bring many benefits to heathcare organisations and hospitals the world over. To find out more about it, get in touch with the team at Finance4Recruitment today.

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